WPF Validations using DataAnnotation and INotifyDataErrorInfo

DataAnnotations and INotifyDataErrorInfo provides an easy and cleaner way to implement validations in WPF ViewModels. Unlike IDataErrorInfo, INotifyDataErrorInfo allows you to raise multiple errors (there are many more features which makes it more interesting than IDataErrorInfo including making it possible to use asynchronous validations). This being a hands-on demonstration, we will keep the theoritical part … Continue reading WPF Validations using DataAnnotation and INotifyDataErrorInfo

Why Initialize Collection Size

In possibly every code base you might have seen, usage of Collections would have been a common sight. The introduction of Generic Collections in early stages of evolutin of language has made is all the more favourite of developers comparing to the non-generic cousins that existed before. One of the most common patterns seen in … Continue reading Why Initialize Collection Size

MahApps HamburgerMenu and Caliburn Micro

MahApps is probably one of the most used UI library among WPF developers, with a galaxy of great controls. Despite that, recently I was surprised to see lack of proper example for Hamburger Menu control, particulary MVVM based. I was also more keen to know how to make best use of capabilities of Caliburn Micro along the … Continue reading MahApps HamburgerMenu and Caliburn Micro