EcSolvo.RestHelper Updated

Updates for Ecsolvo.RestHelper Packages has been made. The recent update includes Support for Windows Phone and Windows Phone Silverlight Support for Complex Parameters and IEnumerable for GET/POST Requests


EcSolvo.RestHelper Nuget

Recently I have started working on a Nuget Package for providing a is a sleek and simple Wrapper library for providing simple access to Rest API, by hiding away the complexities of HTTPClient Class.Named EcSolvo.RestHelper it is particularly designed to work along with Xamarin PCL Projects You can follow and contribute to the Nuget in Github … Continue reading EcSolvo.RestHelper Nuget

Fix CORS in Firefox

CORS is a hated word anyone working on Web Solutions might have encountered if your website is accessing another website or API. So how do you ensure your website is able to the required URL ? The first and easiest fix would be to include "Access Control" headers in your web.config. That should be it … Continue reading Fix CORS in Firefox

Exception Handling in Web API (Part 2): Exception Filter (Extended)

The Exception Filter implementation mentioned in the Part1 of the article is fairly simple and straightforward.  But as you start supporting more and more Exceptions, the Cyclomatic Complexity of the "OnException" method would increase because of the "if" condition nature. A cleaner implementation of the Filter is shown below using Dictionary. Isn't that cleaner ?  

Exception Handling in Web API (Part 1): Exception Filter

The Web World, especially Web Services is fast moving towards the more abstract simpler Web API. This article is not focused on comparing Web Service and Web API, but rather it focuses on Exception Handling in Web API. By default,  the most common exception that an API Controller raises are translated into an HTTP Status … Continue reading Exception Handling in Web API (Part 1): Exception Filter