Dragging Shapes in Wpf

One of the projects I have in mind as my side-projects needs ability to drag-move shapes on a Canvas. I thought it would idea to explore the possibilities of achieving it via test projects first before starting the real one. So the goal of this article would be * Create a Rectangle in a Canvas … Continue reading Dragging Shapes in Wpf

Stimulsoft – Non-Modal Designer in WPF App, Part 2

In the previous post, we explored Supervising Controller Pattern to provide a solution to the issue we faced when using Stimulsoft DesignerĀ  Controller as an embedded control in WPF application. Even while we used the Supervising Controller Pattern, we still fiddled with the MVVM pattern by making the ViewModel "aware" of the View, even though … Continue reading Stimulsoft – Non-Modal Designer in WPF App, Part 2