Code Smells : Object Oriented Abusers

While a well implemented Objected Oriented code is a hallmark of a good program, a poor implementation of the same couldĀ  lead to utter chaos as the project progresses. Object Oriented Abusers are a particular genre of Code Smells which refers to incorrect or incomplete implementation of Object Oriented Concepts. Switch Statements Switch Statements are … Continue reading Code Smells : Object Oriented Abusers

Patterns,Principles and Programming.

Have been thinking about putting together a collection of Jump Start Tutorials on some core concepts on Programming, finally getting everything together Design Patterns GOF: Adapter Pattern GOF: Strategy Pattern GOF: Singleton Pattern (Lazy) GOF: Fascade Pattern GOF: Chain Of Responsibility Pattern (CoR) GOF: Template Method GOF: Null Object Pattern GOF: State Pattern GOF: Decorator … Continue reading Patterns,Principles and Programming.