Patterns,Principles and Programming.

Have been thinking of building a complete index of all programming series available in this blog for some time now. So finally putting it together. Design Patterns 1. GOF: Adapter Pattern 2. GOF: Strategy Pattern 3. GOF: Singleton Pattern (Lazy) 4. GOF: Fascade Pattern 5. GOF: Chain Of Responsibility Pattern (CoR) 6. GOF: Template Method … Continue reading Patterns,Principles and Programming.


SOLID : Open / Closed Principle

The Open / Closed Principle focuses on one basic requirement, the classes should be Open for extensions, but closed for modification. The better way to explain the principle would be to first express the issue in hand. Consider the below class. The class itself looks good, but what if in future one needs to add … Continue reading SOLID : Open / Closed Principle

SOLID : Single Responsibility Principle

While OOPs is rich with features like inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation and overloading enabling developers to extract more from modern day programming languages like C#, it is equally important to understand when to use these features based on design principles. SOLID, is a set of 5 principles which when properly applied intend to guide a programmer … Continue reading SOLID : Single Responsibility Principle