Custom Traits in xUnit

One of the implicit key characterstics which define the readability of any Unit Test cases is its ability to be grouped depending on multiple factors. NUnit uses CategoryAttribute, while MSTest uses the TestCategoryAttribute for grouping tests. With xUnit, you could make use the TraitAttribute to achieve this. However, this is not short of problems of its own. The most inconvenient part of … Continue reading Custom Traits in xUnit

C# 8.0 : Default Implementation of Interface Members

The way C# language is evolving is definitely exciting and one feature that truly makes the wait for C# 8.0 all the more exciting is default implementation of interfaces. Since the onset, interfaces were behaviors characterized by member signatures, strictly disallowing any implementation. All that is going to change when C# 8.0 rolls out, as … Continue reading C# 8.0 : Default Implementation of Interface Members