Circular Button Using Xamarin (Custom Renderer)

The shift to appcompat has affected Android developers, while developing cross platform xamarin application. The first difference you would notice is the buttons are no longer having rounded corner despite assigning the radius. That is a define roadblock when you consider you need a perfect circular button. However things aren't actually that bad as it … Continue reading Circular Button Using Xamarin (Custom Renderer)


Xamarin SearchBar in Android 7

Searchbar is one of the most sought after controls in Xamarin Forms. One of the recent issues it ran into was when it was tested with Android 7. The Control just disappeared when ran in Android 7, while the same worked well in earlier version. The solution or rather the work around for it is … Continue reading Xamarin SearchBar in Android 7

Store User Credentials using Xamarin.Auth in Xamarin.Forms

If you are working on Mobile Apps, it won't be long before you end up with a scenario to store User Account objects locally so that the user needn't go through the pain of authenticating himself all over again, every time he logs in. One of the easiest way to do is via the cross … Continue reading Store User Credentials using Xamarin.Auth in Xamarin.Forms

Simple Timer for Xamarin Forms using Device Timer

While developing your application in Xamarin that requires a Timer, you have the option to use the Device Timer. However, one of the first caveat your would notice is that while Device Class has a Device.StartTimer method, it does not exposes a Stop method, leaving it to your own class to handle it. I started … Continue reading Simple Timer for Xamarin Forms using Device Timer

Missing SDK Error

One of the first and simplest warning any newbie (just like me) to Xamarin might encounter is You might firstĀ ensure if the SDK folders are correctly mapped. If it is and you still get the errors, it is time to fire up your SDK Manager and update the following Android SDK Tools Andriod SDK Platform-tools … Continue reading Missing SDK Error